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We, at Cojarec, produce Cofibres®. These synthetic fibers are made from processed carpet waste and are used in the construction of horse racing tracks. Arenas made with Cofibres®, provide more stability, better shock absorption and prevent, overall, a lot of injuries to your horse. Thanks to Cofibres® your horses will think they are on cloud nine! More info

Plastic Recycling

At Cojarec, we also specialize in processing plastics. We grind and repack plastic waste, so that it can be re-used in the production process. We, thus, also take part in maintaining our environment!

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Cojarec has an extensive range of machinery available. Outside of producing our Cofibres® and processing plastic waste, we also offer our services to businesses. If you need to cut certain materials to size or process your carpet/plastic waste, you can always contact us for a quick and inexpensive solution.

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Your horses deserve the best of the best!

At Cojarec, we know that building a good horse racing track is extremely important to keep your horse healthy. A hard floor gives your horse more grip, but can quickly cause injuries. While soft soil is better for the joints of your horse. But in return it requires much more energy from the horse itself as they sink deeper into the soil.

However, with the Cofibres® of Cojarec, you will find the ideal ratio for your horse soil. The Cofibres® are mixed with sand and prevent the soil from being too hard or soft. There is more stability, the surface is more resilient and captures the shock much better. This not only reduces risk of injury for your horse, but a horse track with Cofibres® will also reduce the level of fatigue. Overall a happier horse and thus a happier owner!

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We offer three services: Cofibres®, plastic recycling and sub-contracting. Read all our information about these individual services. We will give you a better idea about the production of Cofibres® and the construction of arenas with Cofibres®. We also identify the benefits.

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From now on, you can order your Cofibres® bales here directly. You can also enter your contact information, if you would like to receive more information about our Cofibres® (e.g. how do I calculate the number of bales that I need).

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