About Cojarec

4 years ago, Jan Kenis and his wife Conny Versmissen founded Cojarec together. Their years of experience in the recycling industry and their passion for horses gave them the idea to create a new product: Cofibres® for horse racing tracks. They mainly use textile production waste and a number of other raw materials for the production of Cofibres®. These Cofibres® are used for the construction of horse racing tracks, equestrian surfaces and horse arenas.

Arenas that use Cofibres®, offer many advantages compared to other synthetic fibers, including increased resiliency and improved shock absorption. This is also the reason that Cojarec has become one of the leading suppliers of horse track fibers in recent years.

Currently, there are five family members working in the company, Jan and Conny, the CEOs. Eldest son Johan Kenis, his wife Tanya and youngest son Michiel Kenis. The succession is also already assured thanks to John and Tanya’s little girls, Kalinka and Kailynne.

They are part of the Cojarec team, along with four other employees. They work closely with foreign distributors who make it possible to deliver their products worldwide. Cojarec has gradually grown from a small family business into a major player in the horse soil market.

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