Our main activity revolves around Cofibres®, but more and more, you can also come to us for sub-contracting and plastic recycling.

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What are cofibres?

Cofibres® consist of 100% cut polypropylene fibers. These synthetic fibers are mainly recycled from carpet waste. The Cofibres® serve to stabilize and improve sand arenas for horses. They are applied on top of the sand arena and are mixed with sand to achieve the ideal ratio for your horse racing track. The mix of Cofibres® and sand is suitable for both indoor and outdoor arenas.

These Cofibres® are recognized by OVAM as a new raw material. So, it is no longer seen as waste. This is an important difference with some of our competitors, as this can help you get a permit for your horse racing track.

At Cojarec, we produce about 80 bales per day, equivalent to a 1,000 tons per month. So, we are always looking for suppliers of carpet waste, please contact us here. We are especially looking for new suppliers after April 2017

Recognized by OVAM
Less maintenance
A new raw material


The mix ratio of the Cofibres® depends on the sand, that is already present and the primary function of the horse track, i.e. dressage or jumping. Overall, about 4-5 kg Cofibres® per square meter is used. An equestrian arena of 20×40 meters, equates to about nine bales.

The bales must be opened with an iron cutter. Stand behind the bale, so that the binding iron is horizontally in front of you. Cut the irons with your cutter, starting with the one closest to you. The irons will fall to the side, so you are safe. Download our manual here.

The fibers are easy to apply. The sand layer on which the fibers are applied, should be at least 15 cm deep. The Cofibres® are mixed in with the upper 10 cm. After this, the track is leveled. The track itself obviously needs to be raked occasionally (this is best done by tractor). We, at Cojarec, also check the quality of Cofibers annually to assure us that your arena is perfect. Every four years the track is remixed by the track builder.

For more information about the construction of horse racing tracks, click here.


Cofibres® Results:

  • Higher stability
  • Increased resilience
  • Energy return for the horse
  • Increased fluid retention
  • Improved shock absorption which reduces the risk of stress, and joint and tendon injuries

Cofibres® Features:

  • Doubles the volume per kilogram to other fibers
  • Not shredded but pure cut which increases the fiber structure
  • Minimal presence of dust and latex

Cofibres® Benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance of the track
  • Improved grip and sink in is reduced
  • Approved by VITO/Vlarem tests
  • A new raw material for horse soils


We, at Cojarec, deliver mostly to track builders, they build the horse tracks for their customers and then take care of maintenance. We also supply to private owners by request, but the prices are similar to what the track builders charge due to the smaller amount.

Where can I buy your Cofibres?

Our Cofibers are available worldwide. We work with distributors throughout the world. For more information about purchasing Cofibers, click here. Or check our partner locator for a Cofibers distributor near you.